Saturday, 21 November 2015

Cosine Similarity Calculator

Please click to add a row.

This blog post calculates the pairwise Cosine similarity for a user-specifiable number of vectors. All vectors must comprise the same number of elements.

Simply click on the link near the top to add text boxes. Each text box stores a single vector and needs to be filled in with comma separated numbers. All rows need to have the same number of samples.

Alternatively, you can choose two file entry methods:-

  1. Select multiple single column CSV files to populate the text boxes by repeatedly pressing the Choose File button - there must be one distinct (and differently named) file for each text box i.e. one file per group. Each file can have a different number of samples.
  2. Select a single multi-column CSV file by pressing the Choose File button once, where the number of columns equals the number of vectors.

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