Friday, 29 November 2013

Online Critical t value Calculator

An implementation of the Critical t value Calculator occurs below. This calculator is useful for statistical tests where a t statistic is calculated, examples of which include the unpaired and paired Student's t-tests. The t statistic is so called as it possesses a Student's t-distribution. Once the t statistic is calculated, we want to see if it exceeds a critical value based on some significance level, and if so, the result will be significant.

The significance level (which is the area under either the tail (for the one-tailed test) or the tails (for the two-tailed test) of the distribution) needs to be a positive number between 0 and 1 - a commonly used value is 0.05, for the 5% significance level.

Degrees of freedom:
Significance level:

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Plot of distribution ($f(x)$) values against $x$ values

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  1. So interesting I like it very much. I have incorporate this in my thesis.