Thursday, 10 October 2013

Linear Regression Calculator

Given that there is a bug in SciStatCalc's linear regression calculator (it basically does not work), I have as compensation implemented the linear regression calculator in the web app below. Note that the calculator yields the coefficient of determination and several sum of squares type results, in addition to the slope/gradient $a$ and intercept $b$.

Please enter X and Y values as comma separated numbers in the fields below, for model $Y=aX+b$. X and Y must have the same number of samples. Alternatively, you can read in a two-column CSV file by pressing the choose file button below. To reload the same file after clearing the text areas, you would need to reload this webpage.

At the bottom of this post is a graph which plots the Y value against the X value as points, while the linear interpolation result is in a solid line. This illustrates any potential relationship between X and Y.

X values: Y values:

a (Slope):
b (Intercept):
Total Sum of Squares:
Sum of Squared Error:
Residual Sum of Squares:
Coefficient of Determination:

Plot of Y values against X values
Y values
X values

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